Attainable Housing

Whether you are a young adult, a young family, or enjoying retirement, finding attainable housing is a Cape-wide challenge -- if elected, I will be supportive of workforce housing helping those making 80% of the median income who hope to have the opportunity to thrive in Dennis.


What makes the Town of Dennis such an amazing place to live is our diverse ecosystem consisting of our ocean, beaches, surface water, and groundwater, which are in desperate need of protecting. With record-breaking storms and rising ocean levels, the Town of Dennis needs to implement erosion controls and create an emergency management budget to address these issues particularly as storms become more frequent.

Alternative Energy

Recently, Eversource has disregarded our alternative energies agreement generated by the Town of Dennis to bring our energy costs down as intended. We need to hold them accountable for that and the pesticides being sprayed in our green spaces and the air we breathe. As a member of the Alternative Energy Advisory Committee for the Town of Dennis, the other members and I seek to designate Dennis as a Green Community to give us the opportunity to receive grants to decrease our energy costs.


In addition to the environment, our drinking water and our fragile ecosystems are in jeopardy because of wastewater. Wastewater is impacting our waterways and our only aquifer, our single source of water. Recognizing the urgent need to take action on this issue, I joined the Town of Dennis' Wastewater Implementation Committee, where we seek to create an infrastructure plan to address this issue.


We can never stop strengthening our public school system. As a young professional who will be getting married this Fall, my fiancee and I hope to begin a family soon and we want to make sure we can continue to provide our family and families in the Town of Dennis a quality education for our children.