Attainable Housing

Whether you are a young adult, a young family, or enjoying retirement, finding attainable housing is a Cape-wide challenge -- and believe the Commonwealth can offer the 1st Barnstable District the support we need to offer attainable housing to those who wish to thrive in our district.

Opioid Crisis

Our community needs to invest in both preventative and rehabilitative resources to stop the spread of this sickness while giving those the support they need to rebuild. With these preventative and rehabilitative measures at the forefront, working with the rest of the Cape Cod delegation will be crucial as this is a nationwide issue that impacts us all.


What makes Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, and Brewster such amazing towns to live in is our diverse ocean, beaches, surface water, groundwater, and ecosystems, which are in desperate need of protecting. The 1st Barnstable District desperately needs leadership to protect our estuaries, rivers, ponds, beaches in our backyards.

Alternative Energy

Recently, Eversource has disregarded alternative energies generated by towns like Dennis. Dennis' solar field is generating the energy, but Eversource is not upholding its agreement to bring our energy bills down as intended. We need to hold them accountable for that and the pesticides being sprayed in our green spaces and the air we breathe.


In addition to the environment, our drinking water in the 1st Barnstable District, and Cape-wide is in jeopardy because of wastewater. Wastewater is impacting our waterways and our only aquifer, our single source of water.


We can never stop strengthening our public school systems. Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, and Brewster all can benefit from more state assistance to ensure our school systems, our teachers, and administrators offer quality education to our children. After high school, we need to support Cape Codders who seek higher education, and we can do that by instituting state-wide fully funded college at the Associate and Bachelor levels.


My ancestors, like many Cape Codders ancestors, immigrated to Massachusetts in the pursuit of the American Dream. Despite the challenges, they were given the opportunity to raise their families here, without fear of being torn apart, and to work here. We need to protect our values and our Cape tradition of welcoming and supporting immigrants and our Cape economy.