During his teenage years, Chris learned first-hand that we do not always get to choose our life circumstances when his mom passed away from cancer and his father suffered from two strokes. With those experiences at the forefront of his mind, Chris moved from Dennis Port to Washington, DC to pursue public service, to help those like him who were dealt life circumstances beyond their control.

Chris worked on behalf of Cape Cod and the rest of Massachusetts when he worked for two U.S. senators, John Kerry and William "Mo" Cowan. When Senator Kerry was appointed to serve as U.S. Secretary of State, Chris worked in his personal office at the U.S. Department of State. While at the State Department, Chris worked in support of the American people whose focus never strayed from Cape Cod and Massachusetts helping to plan and execute Secretary Kerry's Our Ocean Conferences. Following President Trump's inauguration, Chris moved back to Dennis Port with his fiancee where he established a small business and began to give back to his community.

After joining the Dennis Chamber of Commerce, the Dennis Town Advisory Committee on Alternative Energies, the Dennis Town Committee for Wastewater Implementation, and the Dennis Democratic Town Committee, he realized that the 1st Barnstable District needed strong leadership on a number of issues, which is why he filed to run for state representative. Supporting Chris is supporting his vision for social justice, economic justice, and his solutions to protect and promote our environment, our economic development, attainable housing, and helping those whose life circumstances are not of their own making.